An Enterprising 


"As an Ambassador of French etiquette, the HOLDER Group never stops growing, conquering new markets and new consumers throughout the world."


A passionate Group,
an ambassador for taste

The HOLDER Group undertakes with passion : innovative concepts, traditional products, exclusive recipes… For more than 60 years, Francis Holder has brought audacity and a taste to undertake to the Group he founded.

Thanks to its visionary sense, the Group, through its brands, marks its time, pushes consumers’ lifestyle to evolve, passes on the taste for good things every day. It has thus become a stalwart of the market.

With its passion for authenticity, the HOLDER Group claims the taste of tradition and freshness of products. Respect for ancestral know-how and the desire to constantly offer delicious and healthy products made from fresh, high quality ingredients are rooted into the Group's DNA.


Holder Group's


The Group's decision-making body
A family business

The Group has decided to retain a family governance so that it can continue to convey a real history of taste through the years all over the world.

Thanks to this specific organization, the Group doesn’t need to be listed on the stock exchange. That’s what enables them in particular to limit risks because each new decision is considered with great attention and rigor.


  • Francis HOLDER

    Founder and President of HOLDER Group

  • Maxime HOLDER

    Managing Director of the HOLDER Group

Holder Group's
Five Values 


Customer focus



Exacting standards