The HOLDER Group and its brand companies
are committed


Concerned about its social responsibility, the HOLDER group is developing a CSR policy based on 4 pillars :


Corporate citizenship :

Because our business is deeply connected with society, through employees and customers, we are developing three areas of action allowing us to interact positively:

  •  Facilitate access to employment
  •  Improve the quality of life at work
  •  Share our know-how


Highlight: for several years, the group's employees have been helping young people to find their first job, on a voluntary basis.

Nutrition and health :

Because our job is to "feed people", we want to go beyond food safety, and offer choices that allow everyone to preserve their nutritional balance and health, through 3 commitments:

  •  Maintain a high level of food safety
  •  Limit the use of additives
  •  Improve the nutritional qualities of our products


Highlight: A scientific committee, made up of 5 independent experts, meets regularly to help us understand important concerns and make the most relevant choices.

Territories and sectors :

Because our raw materials come from agricultural areas and rely on a large number of production sectors, we seek to better take into account their origin through 3 commitments

  • Develop our raw materials as part of a quality policy with our suppliers
  • Respect animal welfare
  • Develop good agricultural practices

Since 2019, all of the Group's brands have been gradually converting their egg supplies and have undertaken to completely abandon eggs and egg products from cage farming no later than 2025 for all of the Group's activities through the world. The commitment is for free range eggs. This commitment is made for the benefit of eggs from free-range breeding. The global pandemic of 2020 and 2021, as well as the avian flu of 2022, did not allow progress to be made on this objective as planned. Nevertheless, the objective is maintained, and in 2022, 100% of shell eggs and 33% of egg products from our centralized purchases were supplied from “free-range” farming, i.e. 34% of our egg supplies.

The HOLDER Group is consolidating this action by committing, by 2026, to source exclusively chicken meat from production chains that meet the criteria recommended by the "Better Chicken Commitment" consortium, for all its stores in the EU. These criteria, established by 30 international NGOs, reinforce breeding requirements in favor of the welfare of broilers: available area, slow-growing strain, natural lighting, perches, etc. Criteria which will be supplemented by access to ranges open or covered for 20% of volumes purchased in France

To find out how far this process has progressed, you can consult the summary table here: Table

The environment:

Because all production and distribution activities have a strong impact on the environment, we must do our part in limiting environmental impacts. We do this through 5 commitments:

  •  Optimize our packaging
  •  Fight against food waste
  •  Limit the impact of our waste
  •  Preserve water resources
  •  Reduce our carbon footprint


Highlight: In our PAUL stores, more than 95% of the packaging given to our consumers is now in paper or cardboard.