"Going through the doors of a PAUL shop is living an experience which goes beyond the only boundaries of bread. It’s to feel the know-how of yesteryear and to experience the innovations of today."


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PAUL in a few figures


A network of + than 


shops (branches and franchises)

whose + than
shops in France


and + than
shops in other countries


Presence in over 






+ than

10 500

men and women serving customers worldwide




The French leader
for premium bakery delicacies

Ambassador of great bread for over 125 years, PAUL has made the quality of its products a distinctive signature. No compromise is made with the recipes : strict selection of ingredients, guaranteed freshness of products and neat presentation all come as standard.


PAUL is the product of a family of bakers from Northern France. For more than five generations, PAUL has been perpetuating the love of bread, the love of sharing and of simple pleasures. At PAUL, we present bread like a jewellery box and we pay a particular attention to the design of stores. With their black shop-fronts of such characteristic charm, the atmosphere is warm, rustic-chic and full of authenticity. 

Paris, London, Shanghai, Boston, Dubai, Tokyo, Santiago de Chile… Present in more than 34 countries, PAUL is now a key player in spreading the "art of living French-style" throughout the world. In over 620 shops, stands and restaurants, PAUL teams share the taste for a job well done, but also the joy of offering quality products every day as they welcome clients into an enchanting and unique setting. 

The PAUL France network alone has over 375 shops spread over the whole of the French territory, and it is always developing, with new outlets constantly being opened. With more than 2 million baguettes and 3,2 million breads sold each month, PAUL France constitutes a real local player, at the heart of neighbourhood lives.

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