The HOLDER Group and its brand companies
are committed


Concerned about its social responsibility, the HOLDER Group would like to promote
initiatives that contribute to the harmonious integration of its activities within the Company.
These initiatives carried out by employees, cover 4 main areas.


The health and safety:

• A week of health and safety awareness and education for employees is organised every year at the Group’s headquarters.

• In the interests of transparency and trust with its customers, PAUL publishes the nutritional and allergenic values of its products on its website.

The ethics:

• In order to federate the employees on the common values of the Group, an ethical code is given to all upon arrival in the company.

• In order to contribute to the reduction of food waste, some initiatives of valorisation (smartphone applications, pet food) or donations of unsold products are put in place (PAUL & Chateau Blanc).

• Collaborative innovation initiatives allow each employee to contribute to the development of concrete innovations on themes such as Quality of Life at Work or Profession (HOLDER Group & Château Blanc).

The company:

• Each year, collaborators of the Group accompany young people in difficulty in the search for their first job.

• Collaborators experiencing difficulties in reading and writing can benefit from a training allowing them to master these fundamental know-how.

The environment:

• A collect selective of wastes for recovery in recycling streams is gradually set up.

• All the Group’s brand companies have taken action to abandon eggs and egg products which come from breeding in cages.