"Excellence in patisserie at LADURÉE shows into its creations with a clever fusion of the delicious and the beautiful designed to offer every customer a pure moment of dream and pleasure."


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Ladurée, fabricant de douceurs

Les Marquis de Ladurée


Les Merveilleuses Ladurée 

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Selection of macaroons and delicious patisseries Collection of exceptional chocolates Line of scented candles and bath & body toiletries Variety of sophisticated
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The delicacies maker
for lovers of gourmet food

Creator of delicacies since 1862, LADURÉE has managed to become one of the most beautiful patisserie landmarks in the world in just a few years, and a worthy representative of the expertise and of the "art of living” French-style.


Drawing its strength from its incredible ability to continually reinvent itself, the brand has become a master in the art of creating unforgettably, sophisticated, magical moments, with its smart use of fashion trends while still preserving its roots and traditions, which are more than 150 years old. 

New York, London, Monaco, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Geneva, Dubai… LADURÉE now has over 85 boutiques spread over 5 continents. Each one is a veritable jewellery box : with their wood panelling, pastel colours and old furniture, these boutiques, all arranged individually, are hallmarks of the famous style of Napoleon III and Marie-Antoinette.